My name is Shea Larson and I love to organize!

As a child, I used to arrange my stuffed animals and dolls in neat rows and conduct a home “school.” Even as a teen, I was frequently called upon to organize—usually helping friends deal with their closets! While attending the University of Texas, where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications, I was the person who would come to visit you and end up organizing your entire living room and kitchen.


Immediately following graduation, I started working for a productivity and time management company where collaborating 1:1 to organize file cabinets or closets—arranging everything in proper order—became far more interesting than computer work. But it wasn’t until I finally realized that I could do what I love AND get paid that I decided to go to work for myself.


From the age of two, I have been a proud Austinite. I rescued my dog Riggins, the cutest little pooch in the world, from Austin’s Humane Society but, in truth, he has been the one to rescue me. When I’m not creating order out of chaos or styling a space, you can find us lying on an air mattress on the Blanco River, eating or cooking with friends, or Netflix-ing—because who doesn’t love to binge on some good ‘ole television? HDTV, anyone?

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The University of Texas always advertises that  “What starts here changes the world”…

Well UT, I have set out to change the world, one unorganized closet at a time! 

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